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Catholic Education in Hannibal since 1865
A message from our principal
Dear Friends,
Welcome to Holy Family School. Holy Family’s educators look forward to working with parents for the benefit of the children we serve. Historically, our students have met with great success in our classrooms. At Holy Family, families find a caring school, which also challenges children to use their God-given gifts to reach their fullest potential. 
I regard education as a process where a child, gently guided, grows in awareness and self-confidence. A child or adolescent needs to feel capable and knowledgeable of managing tasks and accepting responsibilities. A child can do this where love is shared and felt. Holy Family is a place where children flourish.
Holy Family in Hannibal is a part of the Diocese of Jefferson City. Our diocese supports the Catholic schools within its diocese. Its philosophy includes the following:
Catholic Schools are noted for their excellent academic achievement, environment conducive to teaching and learning, and values education. They exist primarily to participate in the educational mission of the Catholic Church. Their goal is to develop the total person, stressing a deeper appreciation of the gift of faith. Professional, dedicated teachers contribute to the attainment of this goal by supporting a school environment which:
vprovides and supports sound academic learning;
vfosters a sense of faith community;
vintegrates Gospel values;
vencourages a commitment to service
Every Catholic school in the Diocese of Jefferson City respects the dignity of each individual and, therefore, will not discriminate on the basis of race, nationality, or sex in regard to enrollment, except as permitted by law. 
Holy Family completed a self-study process in the Spring of 2011. We were found to have a very strong Catholic education program. We welcome all families to our school community!
God bless,

1113 Broadway
Hannibal, MO 63401
Phone: (573) 221-0456
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