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Ss. Joachim and Anne

School Information


Saints Joachim and Anne is dedicated to spreading the word of Christ through pastoral classroom visits, religious reflections, prayer and song.
As part of a multi-cultural community, parent and community members are invited to participate in liturgical and Para liturgical celebrations.  We foster respect for God's work and share the love of Christ for those in need while assisting the Queens Village community.
Students are asked to accept responsibility and make good choices based on the teachings of the Catholic faith.  We stress intellectual growth by challenging students to perform to their fullest potential and we respect all children's individual capabilities, traditions and customs.
Ss. Joachim and Anne students assume responsibility as Christians by the school's fostering of spirituality through song, worship and compassion towards others.  Our students are encouraged to use problem-solving skills in all subjects in order to prepare them for real life situations.  Our teachers promote positive reinforcement to increase the students' self-esteem.  Children with special needs receive support services.
Administrative decisions are made jointly by the principal and pastor with respect given to teacher input.  The principal implements any changes regarding diocesan policies and state guidelines.
Teachers integrate New York State Standards by connecting classroom resources and personal experiences to the curriculum.  Achievement test scores are evaluated and teaching styles modified to better integrate the curriculum and meet the needs of all students.  Students are continually assessed.
We believe that parents are the primary educators and therefore open communication between parents and the teachers is of the utmost importance.  Ss. Joachim and Anne teachers are an extension of the parent due to the many working prents of our community.  They are the leaders and the organizers of classroom activities.  Teacher evaluations are an ongoing process at Ss. Joachim and Anne.
Saints Joachim and Anne teachers support and care for each other by sharing their talents and ideas.  Our teachers give encouragement and praise to their students forming individual relationships with each child.
In conclusion, we the educators of Saints Joachim and Anne hold steadfast to these principals and strive to accomplish our goals with Jesus Christ as the pivotal force of all our endeavors.
Ss. Joachim & Anne School, 218-19 105 Avenue, Queens Village, NY 11429