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Saint Anne School

Cancellation Procedures


 If inclement weather or other emergency requires that school be delayed or closed,  parents will be notified by text or email, according to the number and  preference you listed at the start of the school year.  However, because no system  is full proof, this information will also be available on KDKA, WTAE and  WPXI  and is usually posted on their websites.  It is important that you listen or read an announcement specifying Saint Anne School and NOT our public district.

 In the event of a two hour delay, specifically named at Saint Anne School, all full  day children should report to school at 10:10 a.m.  Preschool will begin at 12:20 and end at 3:00 for 4 year olds half day.  The 3 year olds will finish at 12:30.

 If a delay does not specifically mention Saint Anne School, but does name one of  the public districts that service our school, only those children WHO ARE  REGULARLY BUSED should follow the announcement.  Children who ride  the buses of other districts who are not delayed or who walk or are driven should  arrive at the normal time.  PLEASE NOTE:  Because our attendance registers are  legal indicators of a child’s presence at the times we are in session,  children who  arrive late or are absent because of busing when school is in session will be  marked as Excused Tardy or Excused Absence.

As an aside, I realize that the late announcements create difficulty for those of you who work; however, I also rely on the television for public school information.  I do not receive special notification.  As soon as the majority of our districts make a decision, I phone in our information.  It is beyond our control as to when this is information is posted.  It is my sincere hope that these things do not occur too frequently.