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St. Joan of Arc Catholic School

Our Principal

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Our first priority for service is the children and families of St. Joan of Arc Parish and any other parish in Stark County who does not have a day school ministry. We are also glad to serve non-Catholic families who share the school values and desire a quality education in a safe environment. The majority of our students currently are from the parish. In this time of economic challenges, Catholic education is an investment in the future of our children. Through the gifts of many people, especially our parishioners, a Catholic education can be affordable to any family in the parish who desires it. 
Our faith in God is central to our existence as a school, and everything we do is wrapped in that faith. Knowledge is a gift from God. When Bishop Murry visited us, he reminded the students how important it was for them to learn. Discoveries for the benefit of the world and all people that make a difference have their roots in knowledge. A sense of discipline allows one to focus on the important things in life and to live the morals and values taught by our faith in Jesus.
One of the favorite songs our students sing at Mass is “Go Make a Difference.” The words are based on Matthew 5:13-16. All of the things we do at school – the way we expect people to treat one another, our formal religion classes, our academic subjects, our policies – all have the goal in mind of helping each child discover and develop the gifts they have so each can better answer the call of their Baptism to build up and serve the kingdom of God. Our faith in God gives us the courage we need to put aside our fears and embrace the life we are invited to live in the Gospel. It allows us to learn to look through “God’s eyes” as we support each other in our community. And God’s eyes see love, compassion, forgiveness, peace, kindness, goodness, joy………   Even our tuition system is based on the Gospel value of stewardship.
At SJA, we offer an excellent education in a context…. the context of faith and the Gospel. It is an education for the fullness of life. It is an education that challenges our students, our parents, and our staff to “Go make a difference in the world.” 
Preschool, Kindergarten, and New Student Registration for Grades 1-8 opens January 31st for the up comming school year.  Our preschool has two half day options for three-year olds, and three half-day, five half-day, three full day, and five full-day options for four-year-olds and younger five-year-olds. St. Joan of Arc offers full day, every day kindergarten, and has done so for over twenty years.   Contact the school office at 330-477-2972. 
Visits and tours of the school can also be scheduled at a family’s convenience.