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St. Peter Catholic School - Canton

St. Peter School Mission Statement

St. Peter Catholic School is dedicated to achieving academic excellence and strong character development in our children through a warm and welcoming learning community based on Christ-centered values and ideals.

Cornerstones of the Notre Dame Philosophy

 The Dignity of the Teacher

We hold that the teacher has been called to nobelest of professions

The Worth of the Student

We strive to understand each student and tailor instruction to fit individual needs

The Thoroughness of Instruction

We place emphasis on teacher preparation so that the instruction is interesting,

 well taught, and focused to draw the student into the learning experience.

The Centrality of Religion

We regard the teaching of religion as the most important knowledge/experience we share with our students. 

Instruction in this area is to excel in order that it captivates,

motivates and forms the student as a good Christian.


  • Mrs. Sandie Fusillo,
  • St. Peter Catholic School - Canton
  • 702 Cleveland Ave NW
  • Canton, OH  44702
  • Telephone: (330) 452-0125
  • Fax: (330) 452-0253