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Immaculate Conception School - Loose Creek


Faculty and Staff Directory 2019-2020

Fr. Anthony (Tony) R. Rinaldo
Mrs. Rita Stiefermann
Ms. Jackie Bax
Mrs. Ashley Isenberg 
Grade 1
Mrs. Lauren Buechter
Grade 2
Miss. Katlyn Borgmayer
Grade 3
Ms.Melinda Contryman
Grade 4
Mrs. Anne Luebbert
Grade 5
Miss. Danielle Plassmeyer
Grade 6
Mrs. Megan Markway

Grade 7
Mrs. Jennifer BIsh
Grade 8
Mrs. Jessica Braun
Ms. Sandra Troutt

Art (Grades K-4))
Mrs. Barbara Backes

Art (Grades 5-8)
Mrs. Joan Muenks
Mrs. Susan Wesley

Mrs.Nina Crowe
Mrs. Shirley Eichholz


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