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St. Nicholas Elementary School


I have been fortunate with both my education and career choices. I attended Catholic schools, sent my two children to Catholic schools, and have worked at St. Nicholas School for twenty two years. It is a way of life for me.

Working in the office at St. Nick's for twenty years guided me from being the secretary/office manager to a teacher and now to principal. The lessons came from observation. I learned from administration, faculty, parents, and students. Each aspect provided me with invaluable knowledge.

My experiences also provided me with insight on how to collaborate positively with parents to challenge their children to set goals, persevere and strive for success. I realize that the ability to inspire and motivate others is critical to my success. Having received my teaching degree after raising my family, I fully understand how important it is to set goals and persist in reaching them.

St. Nicholas School has a reputation of the highest standards. Having served on the Accreditation Team twice, I take great pride in saying that I am a part of St. Nicholas School. We will continue our endeavors to provide a quality education while incorporating our Catholic tradition. 

It is my sincere hope that each child entrusted to St. Nicholas School will receive the foundation to be productive citizens and to live as followers of Jesus.


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