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St. Aloysius Catholic School



Catholic education inspires children, through the eternal truths,

 to become the people God intended them to be.

It is the primary goal of St. Aloysius School to support and assist students

as they strive to discover the mission of

 Jesus as it relates to their own lives,

to grow and mature while experiencing the eternal love and grace of God, and to

embrace their Baptismal call to a life of ministry and service to others.

St. Aloysius School strives to provide students with the best Catholic education and

formation possible. This is done by focusing on the holistic development of each student.

The curriculum of the school includes comprehensive instruction in the academic

subjects and in the beliefs and values of the Catholic faith, which are integrated

into all the academic areas of each school program.

St. Aloysius School provides opportunities for every student in religious, moral,

social, cultural, and physical development.

St. Aloysius School takes pride in the established culture and family atmosphere

which is an integral part of its identity. Parent and family involvement is an

 essential component of the daily operations of the school. Through the dedication

and work of staff, parents, and extended family, a rich and diverse community

has been established that promotes and nurtures the education of every student

while reflecting the values of our faith.

Students are taught to embrace and refine in their daily lives the six Christian

virtues of faith, courage, respect, integrity, responsibility and compassion; thus

developing a strong base upon which to build their lives. St. Aloysius School

affirms every student's intrinsic worth as a child of God, and supports their

intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. With this loving and challenging

support, St. Aloysius students feel empowered to become religious,

respectful, resourceful and responsible people.

St. Aloysius School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and

Colleges and the Western Catholic Education Association.


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  Diocese of Fresno
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