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St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy


St. Rose of Lima Catholic Academy, Rockaway Beach

School Facts

General Background – “Christ is the reason for our school”.

St. Rose of Lima School was founded in 1966, and has been servicing the students of the Rockaway community since then.

Location – 154 Beach 84th Street (Rockaway Beach section of Queens).

Enrollment – St. Rose of Lima School consists of a diverse population of 325 students from Pre-K through 8th grade “proudly reflecting the community we serve”. (data from September 2019)

Test Scores – Our students perform equal to the Diocese of Brooklyn, and above neighboring public schools, on NYS mandated tests.

Teaching Staff – Our fully qualified faculty of dedicated teachers range in years of service from 1 – 35 years, most with their Masters and others working at attaining it. We are fortunate to have two religious sisters on staff.

Class Size – Presently, we have 2 Nursery classes, 2 PreK classes,  1 class on the K level, 2 classes on grades 1 through 6, averaging 22 students in each. We have one class for grades 7 and 8.

Programs – St. Rose of Lima offers a variety of diversified educational programs besides the regular NYS & Diocesan curriculum.  We have Title I services in reading and math.  We are an Emotional Literate School.  We are emerged in Common Core Standards.

Physical Education – (for Grades Pre-K to 8) staffed with a certified teacher in physical education, including dance and health. This is a full time position.

Support Services -- We have a resource room staffed with 3 full time certified teachers for children with Individual Education Programs designed by the Department of Education.  We have providers for speech, OT and PT, all provided by the Department  of Education.

IEP Accomodations -- Children who need outside services--namely, speech, OT, PT, SEIT, SETTS--are able to have these services during the school day if the parent provides a copy of the most recent IEP.

Music Program - (for Grades Pre-K to 8) staffed with a part time teacher consisting of music theory and appreciation, singing, and chorus.

Preschool Programs – 3 (Nursery) and 4 (Prekindergarten) year old full day programs based on Montessori. 

Aquinas Program - Honor students from Grades 6 to 8 working on a project that goes beyond the everyday curriculum.

After School Program – Open to Grades nursery to 8, five days a week, at an additional fee.  It consists of homework time, snack and play.

Spanish Program – Grades K to 8 consisting of basic language skills.

Breakfast and Lunch Program – Nutritious lunches provided daily by the Department of Education, Office of Food and Nutrition. Breakfast and lunch are free for all.

Technology – Fully equipped, state of the art computer lab with full Internet access.  Each classroom is equipped with Internet access.  Each grade has class once a week.  The 4 year old class begins in December.  There are SMARTboards in all grades and the library.  There are Plato workstations in Kindergarten.  There are Mimios in Grades K and 1.

Guidance Counselor – We have a guidance counselor on staff three days a week.

Nurse – We have a full time nurse supplied by the Department of Health.

Art – done on a weekly basis by each individual teacher.  We also have a parent volunteer who does special art classes with the children.

Student Council – elected student representatives from Grades 5 to 8 who plan and execute various school activities.

Rita Daly Learning Center – spaciously designed library for Grades Pre-K to 8; equipped with a SMARTboard and Internet access.

School Chapel – Siloam Chapel is available for individual class use.

Community Outreach – Help to Our Young at Heart Senior Citizens, participation in the Propagation of Faith, Holy Childhood Association, St. Jude Hospital Math-A-Thon, American Cancer Society, Juvenile Diabetes, Parish Food Pantry, Rockaway St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Hour House, to mention a few.

After School Clubs – opportunities for students to join ELA and Math NYS Tests and Tach preparation, Mission, Newspaper, Yearbook, Chorus and Sports.  A Girl Scout Troop for girls of our school.

CYO -- students have the opportunity to join the parish CYO basketball teams.

After School

Our After School Program is self-sustaining. The fee you pay is what we rely on to pay the staff’s salaries, to provide adequate supplies and materials for the children, and to keep the program afloat month-by-month throughout the school year.

There is a $10 registration fee, per family, even if you use the program only once. If a child comes for just an individual day, the cost is $20 a day for one child, $25 a day for two children, $30 a day for three children and $35 a day for four children. Fees will apply to all or part of the day. There are no reduced rates for early pick-ups.  

IMPORTANT: On the first Friday of each month or any half-day that we have After School Program, the cost for the extended day will be $30 for 1 child, $40 for 2 children, $50 for 3 children and $60 for 4 children. Board of Ed Lunch will be available.

The schedule is as follows:
2:30 to 4:00 Homework
4:00 to 4:30  Snack
4:30 to 6:00 Play
(games, ball, TV, etc. - outside weather permitting)
After School ends promptly at 6 PM.

Registration Packets are availabe at the school office. You may also call the school office to arrange an appointment for a tour of the school while classes are in session. 

On-going registration

Children are accepted in the following order:

  • Siblings of our present students
  • New students in the order of the completed application process

Applications are processed in the following order:

  • All those who have produced all required information and paid the registration fee
  • All with incomplete information are set aside until the missing information is received

Applications with false or misleading information will be rejected.
Parents will be notified as soon as possible.

To register you need to bring:

  • Original Birth Certificate, Baptismal certificate (if Roman Catholic), and Immunization record
  • Most recent Report Card and Standardized and NYS testing results for students in grades 1 to 8
  • If transferring from another Catholic school, we will verify that all financial responsibilities have been met.
  • All new students will be required to submit their June report card by July 1 st
  • A letter of recommendation for students in grades 5 to 8 if transferring during the school year
  • $150 non-refundable fee in cash or Money Order .

Without these documents the registration will not be accepted.


Tuition, Book Fees, Snack, Fund Raising Fee - School Year 2018-2019:

The registration fee ($150 per family) is due in February.  Please understand your registration fee only secures your place for September until the first tuition payment is due in July.

Catholic Tuition 2018-2019:
Non Catholic Tuition 2018-2019
1 child $452.50 per month(total $4525) 1 child $522.50 per month(total $5225)
2 children$730 per month(total $7300) 2 children$815 per month(total $8150)
3 children$907.50 per month(total $9075) 3 children$1002.50 per month(total $10025
4 children$1177.50 per month(total $11775) 4 children$1180 per month(total $11800)

The $200 Book Fee is for each child in Grades K-8, $85 Snack Fee is for each child in Pre-K classes only and a $300 Fund Raising Fee per family.

Fund Raising Fee:
Each family will receive one box of candy in the Fall. This box has been paid for by your Fund Raising Fee. If you sell that box of candy, that money is yours.  

Parents are asked to volunteer for at least one fund raising event that is held during the course of the school year. Any family who does not volunteer and help for one complete event will be charged $100 at the end of May. No family will be allowed to re-register if this fee is not paid. It is a matter of justice to all families that each one helps with our events.

Each child will receive a St. Rose Folder with a tentative yearly calendar in September. This folder is to be used for all correspondence between the school and home. If there are any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to call.

Yours in Christ,

Theresa Andersen, Principal


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