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St. Francis of Assisi is a Catholic parochial school of the Diocese of Brooklyn for students in Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade. Our school is associated with St. Francis of Assisi / St. Blaise Parish. The school, which opened in 1909, is staffed by the Sisters of Saint Joseph and dedicated lay educators. SFA is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. We joyfully celebrated our 100th Anniversary in 2009.

Our school is located in the East Flatbush section of Brooklyn. The first school building, located on Maple Street, was constructed in 1909 and is now the Parish Center and Chapel. The current school building, located on Lincoln Road, was constructed in 1937. The building is well maintained with 15 classrooms, a technology lab, an art room, a library, 5 offices, two bookrooms, a faculty room and a large auditorium/gymnasium.

Students represent all levels of ability, both academically and socially, and exhibit positive interpersonal relationships and care for one another. The school community strives to work together to nurture students who are cooperative, compassionate, kind-hearted, good-natured, respectful and responsible.

St. Francis of Assisi School is deeply rooted in Christian values and emphasizes the role of the family in the school community. The school takes pride in its dedicated students, faculty and staff, and the degree of parent involvement.

The administrators of our school are Sr. Theresa Scanlon, CSJ and Sr. Barbara Yander, CSJ. The pastor, Fr. Juan Gonzalez, SM, supports the school by his spiritual leadership and guidance. School policy is specified in the Parent/Student Handbook download handbook and is in compliance with New York State Education Department as applicable to non-public schools. Policies are amended and adapted with consultation of staff during professional days, faculty and curricula meetings, the school board, and with parents at monthly Home School Association Meetings.

As educators, we seek to provide our students with an excellent religious and academic education. We believe that the intellectual, affective, social and physical spheres are woven together in the fabric of the whole person. Through an integrated curriculum, cooperative learning, peace education, and community service, we strive to develop the skills, abilities, talents and attitudes, which will enable our students to become caring, competent individuals with a sense of reverence for Earth and all its inhabitants.


Our Academic Program



Our Religion program at St. Francis of Assisi School enables students to develop a deeper understanding of their Catholic Faith. Daily Religion classes provide instruction based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. Our Religion Program comprises four interrelated components: message, doctrine, community and service. The content of religious instruction is grade specific following the Diocesan guidelines. In addition to formal religious instruction, students participate in liturgies, celebrate sacraments and take part in community outreach.

Sacramental preparation takes place in the third grade for Reconciliation and First Eucharist. Students in seventh grade are invited to further their baptismal commitment by intensifying their instruction in preparation for reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

Non-Catholic students participate fully in the religion program and are directed to the parish religious education program when expressing an interest in pursuing further study of the Catholic faith.



Our goal is to develop the child spiritually, mentally, physically, intellectually, emotionally and aesthetically. Our caring classroom atmosphere enables the children to have a positive first school experience. The developmental approach and the enthusiasm of the teachers readily keep the students actively involved in stimulating and manipulative activities throughout the day. The curriculum is well integrated with a strong emphasis on English Language Arts. The Kindergarten curriculum includes Religion, Mathematics, English Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Computer, Music, Art and Physical Education. The program fosters self esteem, appropriate self management and positive interpersonal relationships.


English Language Arts

Our ELA Program is guided by the NYS standards which calls for all students to read, write, listen and speak for:

  • Information and understanding
  • Literary response and expression
  • Critical analysis and evaluation
  • Social interaction

ELA skills are integrated into all areas of the curriculum. Library and computer classes serve as tools to enhance reading and language expression. Each year students complete a literacy profile that highlights progress for that year.



In our Math Program emphasis is on skills in computation, problem solving, and critical thinking. The seven key ideas of Math, based on the NYS Learning Standards are as follows:

  • Reasoning
  • Numbers and Numeration
  • Operations
  • Modeling and Multiple Representations
  • Measurement
  • Uncertainty
  • Patterns and Function

These key ideas, taught using manipulative materials, games and activities, develop connections between the concrete and abstract. The student’s classroom experiences are related to life situations enabling students to appreciate the value of the educational experience while becoming more aware of the importance of mathematics in their lives. Heterogeneous instruction is supplemented with flexible grouping and remedial instruction.


Social Studies

In our Social Studies Program, the New York State Standards, which include history, geography, citizenship, government, and economics, are taught to the students at every level. In Social Studies, the curriculum is grade specific.

The program assists students to respond to the needs of the global community. Timely and innovative projects enable students to transfer knowledge obtained from lectures, demonstration, hands-on, and text reading into creative and educational displays.



Our Science Program is designed to prepare students to face the challenges of the twenty-first century by developing critical thinking and processing skills. The students learn how to apply the scientific method when conducting open-ended experiments. Following the NYS standards, formal instruction is enhanced with a fully equipped lab available to teachers and students of all grades. In addition to the lab, our school garden enables students to actively explore and understand the interconnectedness of life. The science curriculum culminates in participation of students in the annual school science fair.



Our technology program includes two computer labs and a school-wide network. The main computer lab has eighteen computers, two laser printers, 5 digital cameras, a video camera, and a digital projector with Smart Board. The computer lab, three offices, the library and all classrooms are equipped with computers and high speed internet. Our teachers incorporate technology and the World Wide Web into their lessons. Internet filtering software has been installed to protect the students while using the Internet. A portable lab containing eighteen networked wireless laptops is used by students for electronic lessons and web quests.

Students receive instruction in computer skills once a week. These skills include keyboarding, word processing, creating a database, research skills, using spreadsheet, learning PowerPoint, and other essentials.

In the classrooms, teachers incorporate technology as they use the "one computer classroom" software that is available in all subject areas. Students use the digital and video cameras to enhance projects and presentations.


Foreign Language

Spanish is taught in grades 5 through 8. This is an introduction to the Spanish language and culture through dialogue, song, prayer and written activities. Students learn by communicating with each other in Spanish on various themes of daily life. Their study of Spanish emphasizes grammar, parts of speech, sentence structure and translation.


Physical Education

Physical Education classes are significant in the growth and development of the student and lead to the integration of body, mind and spirit. Students are guided to improve their physical fitness and develop mental alertness, emotional stability, creativity, leadership and self-awareness. Classes are conducted in a structured and cooperative environment.



Art is important to a strong academic curriculum. Through inquiry, critique and creating art, students address issues of identity, culture and social concerns. Our art curriculum reflects the New York State Learning Standards. In addition to art production, aesthetics, art history and art criticism are incorporated and geared to appropriate grade levels. The art program helps to foster creativity, imagination and problem solving skills that are essential for preparing students for their future. Our school offers an art class for students in first grade through eighth grade where they can express themselves through a variety of media and techniques. Students’ artwork is displayed throughout the school for all to enjoy.



The music program’s primary focus is choral music. The students are invited to express themselves creatively using movement and their singing voices. School shows and liturgical celebrations provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their musical proficiency.


Registration Information

To apply, call the office at 718-778-3700, extension 100, for an appointment .

Bring your child or children with the original documents and a legible copy of each:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Baptismal Certificate (Catholics only)
  • Updated Immunization Card
  • Most recent school report (Grades 1-7)
  • Proof of address
  • $40.00 non-refundable application fee

During the appointment, the following takes place:

  • Tour of the school.
  • The parent and child are interviewed by the Principal or Assistant Principal.
  • An application is submitted and an assessment form is sent to the present school for completion. This must be returned to complete the application process.
  • The completed application is reviewed and the parent/guardian is notified by mail of the status of enrollment.
  • Upon acceptance, the parent/guardian will pay the $200.00 registration fee and receive a registration packet with necessary information for the coming school year

During the appointment, the following takes place:

  • Tour of the school.
  • The parent and child are interviewed by the Principal or Assistant Principal.
  • An application is submitted and an assessment form is sent to the present school for completion. This must be returned to complete the application process.
  • The completed application is reviewed and the parent/guardian is notified by mail of the status of enrollment.
  • Upon acceptance, the parent/guardian will pay the $200.00 registration fee and receive a registration packet with necessary information for the coming school year

Tuition & Fees 2010-2011

Registration Fee: $200.00

  Catholic Parishoner Non-Catholic/Non-Affiliated
One child $3250.00 $3450.00
Two children $4700.00 $5100.00
Three or more children, please call the school

Registration fees are non-refundable.
No cash is accepted for school fees.
Tuition is paid to FACTS in monthly payments beginning June 2010.
If paying to SFA, one payment in June 2010, one in December 2010.

Applications for PSAS and Bishop's Requalification Forms should be in by March 1st 2010.
Please watch our Website for further information.

More Information


Yellow school bus service is provided for students in grades K-6 who meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the Office of Pupil Transportation. MetroCard passes are available for eligible students.

Lunch Program

The lunch program is available to all students. The cost varies according to the Department of Education guidelines.


Uniforms are required. Please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for a description. They must be purchased at Ideal Department Store.


This is a necessary part of our financial planning at SFA. It is an adjunct of tuition and is a requirement of every family. This includes participation in at least one of our fundraising drives.

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