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St. Bernadette is a Catholic Parish Elementary School, accredited by the Middle States Association for Colleges and Schools, for students from Pre-Kindergarten (3 year-olds) through Grade Eight. Additionally, St. Bernadette School was recognized by the Department of Education’s No Child Left Behind Program as a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. We strive to create a Catholic Christian educational community where teachers, students, and parents share knowledge in a spirit of freedom and love.
We guide each child to understand Jesus’ threefold mission – the ministry of the Word, which proclaims and teaches; the ministry of Worship, which includes attendance at Mass, and a prayer life; and a Sacramental Program, which leads to the ministry of service thereby encouraging an awareness of social justice, which has its roots in the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. Our students are taught to live the Law of Love through personal integrity, love of neighbor, and self-accountability, thus laying the groundwork for positive self-esteem and responsible decision making.
We believe that every aspect of life is important – Spiritual, Moral, Intellectual, Emotional, Social and Physical. Therefore, we provide an integrated program encompassing all these areas. The faculty attempts to meet the individual needs of our students and, at the same time, promotes and provides opportunities for teamwork and cooperative learning.
Knowledge is viewed as an essential component in a mature, critical-thinking adult. Therefore, each student is assisted in developing a positive attitude toward continued education, including the power to think constructively, to resolve problems, and to reason independently.
The Sisters of the Religious Teachers Filippini began educating the children of St. Bernadette School in 1953 and were joined by lay faculty members. Many years have passed since then, with thousands of students benefitting from their educational skills.
Throughout our almost sixty years, St. Bernadette School has uniquely contributed to the spiritual and educational life of the people residing in Dyker Heights and beyond. Our graduates are accepted by some of the best high schools in the metropolitan area, a fact which acknowledges the excellent academic and religious education our students have received. 
Our faculty is comprised of religious sisters and dedicated lay teachers who collaborate to build a caring community and a strong academic foundation for every student attending St. Bernadette School. The faculty continues to provide the students of St. Bernadette School with the knowledge and skills students need for the 21st century. To achieve this goal, our staff consists of individuals who are fully qualified and certified. Teachers participate in professional development opportunities on the local, diocesan, city, and national levels, within the realm of curriculum and religious development. 
Our student body ranges from 385 - 410 students. St. Bernadette School provides an atmosphere that fosters religious beliefs and moral values, along with a well-rounded academic education resulting from the care, dedication and genuine concern of faculty and administration for each child.
Scholastic excellence is achieved by offering a well-balanced curriculum of academic classes regulated by the State of New York and the Diocese of Brooklyn. Thus, in addition to the major subject areas within the curriculum – Religion, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, students experience education in the special content areas of Educational Technology, Italian, Art, Music and Physical Education.
The acceptances and scholarships that our eighth graders receive prove that our educational program is tried and true. The Class of 2012 has received over $600,000 in scholarships to date!
The student body shares in celebrating the arts and academic life through the following:
·       Strong Catholic Identity
·       Standards Based Curriculum
·       Terra Nova Standardized Testing Grades 3 - 8
·       NYS Testing Program Grades 4, 6, 8
·       Before and After School Programs
·       School Reach Alert System
·       Hot Lunch Program
·       Full Time NYCDOH Nurse
·       Technology   K – 8
·       Italian K – 8
·       Art      K – 8
·       Music K – 5
·       Phys. Education K – 8
·       Parish Affiliated Sports Program
·       Accelerated Reader 
·       Automated Library
·       Wireless Access
·       SMARTboards
·       Aquinas Program (G&T)
·       Johns Hopkins Talented Youth
·       Academic Intervention
·       Free TACHS Prep Classes
·       Summer Reading/Math Programs
·       Summer Science “Camp Invention”
·       Active Student Council
·       Annual Student Talent Show
·       Chess Club
·       Band Program
·       Hand Bell Choir
·       Confectionary Club
·       Handwriting Club
·       Sports Club 
·       Craft Club
·       Altar Servers
·       Junior Lectors
·       School Choir
·       Yearbook
·       Catholic Action Team
·       Recycling Team
·       Peer Tutoring Team
·       Math, Geography, & Spelling Bees
·       Word Masters Challenge Team
·       Active Home School Association
·       Father/Son Sports Night
·       Mother/Son Bingo
·       Father/Daughter Luncheon
·       Mother/Daughter Tea & Spree
·       And much, much more!!


St. Bernadette School offers an integrated, standards based curriculum which consists of a balance within the traditional disciplines of Religion, English Language Arts (includes Reading), Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. Regularly scheduled classes, staffed by specialized teachers in Educational Technology, Italian, Art, Music, and Physical Education, add an essential and vital dimension to student life.
Throughout our Pre-Kindergarten classes for three and four year olds, youngsters are encouraged to develop their own potential in independent and self-disciplined ways. They enjoy group experiences and are gently guided to expand the areas in which they interact with others, solve problems, and build overall readiness skills.
Our Kindergarten through Third Grade classes are self-contained. The teachers guide each student toward new experiences and insights. In this setting, a unified program is implemented in which concepts introduced one year are studied in depth in succeeding years.
The Fourth through Eighth Grades comprise special years – a time for developing interests and convictions as well as a time when much love and support are essential. Students are encouraged to interact with each other and with adults. At the same time they are presented with values that help in the development of their emerging personalities.
St. Bernadette School also conducts a Moms and Tots program twice weekly for moms (or dads) and their two-year-old tots. This program takes place on Mondays and Fridays from late September through May and serves to enhance the interaction between mothers (or fathers) and their children as well as provides an opportunity for socialization among the children.
Our Home School Association also enhances the outstanding education provided at St. Bernadette School. St. Bernadette has a solid history of commitment among administration, parents, and teachers. A dedicated Home School Association is the backbone of support services. Parents are urged to contribute suggestions, time and talents to the educational needs of their children. The association also sponsors recreational events for parents and children and serves as a major fund raising group for the school. Additionally, parents can participate in our School Reach Alert system which enables the school to contact parents immediately, should an emergency or need arise.
St. Bernadette School is a Catholic Christian Community dedicated to children. The needs of each student are seriously considered so as to tailor individual attention. Children attending St. Bernadette School become members of an extended family. As such, the St. Bernadette School community professes its dedication to make an integral contribution to society by cultivating the talents of our children. We are dedicated to empowering tomorrow’s leaders!
Applications and information concerning registration for St. Bernadette School may be obtained through the School office. Appointments for registration may be made by calling the school office at (718) 236-1560 or emailing us at
Tots (for Moms and Tots) be 2 years of age by Dec. 31 of the current year
                                           be accompanied by an adult
Pre-K 3 students must:       be 3 years of age by Dec. 31 of the current year
be toilet trained successfully
successfully complete school readiness assessment     
Pre-K 4 students must:       be 4 years of age by Dec. 31 of the current year
successfully complete school readiness assessment
Kindergarten students must: be 5 years of age by Dec. 31 of the current year
successfully complete Kindergarten assessment
Grade One students must: be 6 years of age by Dec. 31 of the current year
successfully complete Grade one assessment
All students Grades 2 through 7:
need a copy of most recent report card,     
                                           standardized and state test results
successfully complete an assessment in reading 
and mathematics
All students require:       to be present during registration
$50.00 non-refundable registration fee
Birth certificate (original)
                                           Record of Immunization (original)
Baptismal Certificate (original)
Child Study Team Evaluation reports, when pertinent
oday, more than ever, it’s critically important to instill an unshakeable faith and hope for the future in your child. At St. Bernadette School, children grow spiritually and are invited to develop a personal relationship with Jesus that will serve them for a lifetime. What our children BELIEVE is just as important  as what they know!
t. Bernadette School provides a unique quality through a faith-based education that supports the whole child in learning about and leading a fulfilled life. Your child will be challenged at St. Bernadette School - challenged to grow academically, spiritually, and as an individual. SBS students, in turn, set the trend to a brighter future through service and leadership in their families, communities, church, and businesses.
very parent starts with the same hope. Here at St. Bernadette School, we see most of those hopes come true! 
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