Cancellation Procedures

Please be aware that we utilize our Parent Alert System through Option C to communicate any school delays and/or cancellations.

If inclement weather or some other emergency requires that the school be delayed or closed, this information will be announced on radio and television. Because of the number of public districts represented in our school, it is important that you listen for an announcement that identifies St. Bede School. If you hear that Pittsburgh Public Schools are closed or delayed because of severe weather, then presume that St. Bede is also closed or delayed. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL OR RECTORY FOR THIS INFORMATION. In the event of a two-hour delay, specifically named St. Bede School, all children should report to school at 10:00 a.m.; there is morning preschool when there is a delay. Because some public districts do not provide busing outside the normal times, children from these districts should get rides to school. School staff and faculty will not be present at the usual time. If the announced delay does not specifically mention St. Bede School, but does name one of the public districts that service our school, only those children should follow the announcement. Children who ride the buses of other districts who are not delayed or who walk or are driven should arrive at the normal time. PLEASE NOTE: Because our attendance registers are legal indicators of a child's presence at the times we are in session, children who arrive late or are absent because of busing when school is in session will be marked as Excused Tardy or Excused Absence

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