School Information

       Carroll Catholic School is celebrating its sixtieth anniversary in 2020, as the school opened its doors in the fall of 1961. Thirty-two students graduated as the Class of 1962. Originally a school of first through eighth grade, kindergarten was added in the late 1970s and preschool and prekindergarten in the following decades.

       Today’s students at Carroll Catholic enjoy the same rigorous education as in years past: centered around religious instruction, the core curriculum includes science, math, social studies, and language arts. Beyond the core, students are exposed to instruction in computers, music, art, and physical education. Our school gathers as one each week to celebrate Mass.

       Outside the classroom, students may take part in a variety of extracurricular activities: baseball, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, track and field, softball, wrestling, scholastic bowl, speech, chess,  student council, band, and choir.

       If you are interested in learning more about what CCS has to offer, please contact us to arrange a school visit. All are welcome at Carroll Catholic School!

CCS Teachers & Classes

Preschool (3-year-old) ​- Mrs. Amber Davis teaches our preschool class.  (

Prekindergarten (4-year-old)
 -  Ms. Jennifer Martin is the prekindergarten teacher and Mrs. Amy Janssen assists in the Pre-K classroom.  (

Kindergarten - Kindergarten is taught by Ms. Emily Lund. Learn more about kindergarten. (

1st Grade - Mrs. Renee Newton teaches first grade. Follow the link to learn more about Mrs. Newton and first grade.  (

2nd Grade - Mrs. Sheila Davison teaches second grade. Learn more about 2nd grade.


3rd Grade - Third grade is taught by Mrs. Emily Kohl.  (

4th Grade - Fourth grade is taught by Mrs. Betsy Lewis. Follow the link to learn more about 4th grade.  (

5th & 6th Grades - Mrs. Michelle Fuiten is the fifth and sixth grade homeroom teacher.  She teaches computers, and 5th - 8th grade language arts and religion. Check out Mrs. Fuiten's classroom page to learn more about her and her classes.  (  

Mrs. Fuiten also serves as Athletic Director. Click here to learn more about Crusader athletics and activities.


7th & 8th Grade - Mrs. Shelly Maxheimer is the seventh and eighth grade homeroom teacher. In addition, Mrs. Maxheimer teaches 5th - 8th grade math and science.  (

To learn more about daily happenings at CCS, click on the link to go to the virtual office of Mrs. Craig, school secretary. 

Partners In Education, or PIE program, is a way for those who care deeply about the mission of Carroll Catholic School to have a direct and significant impact upon the students’ daily experience. The concept is simple: see a project with which you identify, and give in order to make that project a reality. The impact is great, as your child’s education continues to flourish. Confidence in the PIE program is rooted in a belief in the proverb, “Ask and you will receive,” and in the proven generosity of the school and church communities.


Great teachers are the heart of a great school.  And this is true for Carroll Catholic School.  Our ability to provide students with a worthy and lasting education rests on the strength of our faculty.  Our teachers help to shape the lives of our students, fuel their growth and development each day, and expand their thinking and capacity to care.

The Carroll Catholic School Teacher Fund is an investment in both today and tomorrow.  It is a way to recognize and support our teachers today who are doing great things in the classroom.  It will also allow the school to possess the financial means to continue to attract the best teachers in the future.

Salaries and benefits for our teachers constitute nearly 60% of Carroll School's annual budget.  A robust Teacher Fund would enable the school to offset some of this budgetary expense, to ease the increase in annual tuition costs for our families, and to direct financial resources toward other areas of school need.  The Teacher Fund will allow for current teachers (and all staff) to be compensated through just and deserved salary increases and bonuses, and it would strengthen the school's ability to offer competitive salaries to new teachers.  The students of CCS are entitled to nothing less than the best teacher in every classroom.  The Teacher Fund will enable this commitment to excellence to continue.

If your child or grandchild has flourished due to the caring and dedicated teachers at CCS, please consider investing in the Teacher Fund; if you are an alum of Carroll School and our respected teachers of the past helped to shape who you are today, consider investing in the Teacher Fund; if you truly value Catholic education in Logan County, please invest in the Teacher Fund.