Cancellation Procedures

Whenever one hears of snow in the forecast, it is an appropriate time to review the emergency school procedures for the elementary schools/academies within the Diocese of Brooklyn.  You should be aware of the following procedures should there be any emergency situation, weather related or otherwise, that would entail the closing of school.
The principal and pastor can make their own decision based on local needs.   
In the case of all Catholic Schools/Academies being closed, Diocesan officials will notify the radio and television stations.  
St. Sebastian Catholic Academy uses OPTION C’s Parent Alert which is an automated messaging system that is used for communication to parents for emergency purposes as well as reminders to parents of school events or needs.  This is done by the academy via email and text messages to cell phones of parents/guardians.

Please note that if the New York City Public Schools are closed all Catholic elementary schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn will also be closed.

Please do not call the school or leave a message as updates will be posted on St. Sebastian Catholic Academy’s OPTION C website, – school identification 1004.   Logging in is not necessary as the alert will be visible on the home page of the website.
You can check the school’s website for any emergency closings, but not before 7:00 AM to give us ample time to update the site.  The notices will be located on the first home page of the site.  The academy’s website address is:




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