Mission Statement

The mission of Saint Matthias School in Ridgewood, Queens, is to empower our students, through formal education, to reach the fullness of their potential as children made in God's image, and to encourage them to direct their talents toward the building of a more just society.

The Philosophy of St. Matthias School

Saint Matthias School, recognizing Jesus as the "Master Teacher", bases its philosophy on the Gospel message. As a school community we strive to further develop our Catholic identity by recognizing each child entrusted to us as a unique gift from God. Providing an environment filled with love and understanding, which is consistent with the educational mission of the Church, we impart the Good News of salvation proclaimed by Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The religious nature of St. Matthias School can be identified by these four components - WORD, WORSHIP, COMMUNITY, and SERVICE. We strive to assist the students in their relationship with Jesus by teaching Scripture and by instilling Christian moral values and beliefs in the way we live our lives. We celebrate the relationship between God and the St. Matthias School community through daily experiences in prayer, monthly liturgies, weekly paraliturgies, and preparation for the sacraments.

The school community of St. Matthias provides a loving and caring environment in which families from diverse cultures can grow in their love of Christ and each other without discrimination in our administration policies or educational programs. The St. Matthias faculty believes service is sharing of time, resources, and energy for God and community. We enable, encourage, and challenge our students to serve as Jesus did.

We commit ourselves to academic excellence, which fosters the intellectual development of faculty and students. Rooted in our faith we enable our students to live out their Christian values in an ever-changing world.

58-25 Catalpa Avenue
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Phone: (718) 381-8003
Fax: (718) 381-3519
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