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Our Mission

St. Leo Catholic Academy
Philosophy Statement

              St. Leo Catholic Academy is a Catholic elementary school in Corona, Queens, New York, founded by the Gray Nuns of the Sacred Heart in 1924. Eighty-Five years of scholarship, leadership and service is the educational and spiritual foundation upon which this school community plans its future. Connection with its past helps the school community carry out its mandate to bring the light of knowledge and faith to a needy world.

           The pastor and the principal, in a spirit of collegial and collaborative leadership, along with a faculty and staff, implement the curriculum mandated by New York State and the Diocese of Brooklyn. The mission, therefore, is to provide academic, social and spiritual knowledge which reflects the Catholic faith within a structured and disciplined school environment.

            We are committed to excellence. We strive to provide programs to help each student become an educated, morally responsible, caring and productive member of society. We foster a love of neighbor. The school's credo, "Seeing Christ in One Another", comes to life daily in respect for one another and is displayed in simple acts of charity, kindness and acceptance of varying points of view.

        We are working with young students at crucial stages in their development; therefore, we seek to provide a challenging educational experience both during and after school. We are cognizant of the multiple learning styles of students and attempt to address these through differentiation of instruction. We involve parents, students, staff and the community in shared decision-making, and we also encourage students to assume responsibility for their own learning. Cohesion between school and community presents a positive and manageable model for students to follow.

          St. Leo Catholic Academy is a dynamic community. It is constantly evolving and recreating itself in response to the challenges faced by the students in their daily lives. It also develops by capitalizing on the variety of gifts brought to it by each of its diverse members.



104-19 49th Ave.
Corona, NY 11368
Phone: (718) 592-7050
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