Holy Redeemer School, founded in 1945, is rooted in the traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, exists to provide a high quality of elementary education in a Catholic setting for the children of the EllwoodCity area.


  1. A Catholic School’s successful future depends on the efforts put forth by the current student body.
  2.  Children’s social interactions, common values and ethical conduct are a part of their education.
  3. Students are to learn positive lessons from their mistakes.
  4. The Catholic School is to not only teach skills and knowledge, but also to teach self-confidence, self-discipline, and individual accountability for.
  5. Catholic School educators, as another example to students and who teach by who they are, are to practice the ideals, virtues and values of the Catholic faith.
  6. As part of a Catholic Church, the teachers are to fulfill the school’s commitment to respect the dignity and uniqueness of each student.
  7. The Catholic School provides a high quality of elementary education in a Catholic setting and an avenue of practice for Catholic living for the students.
  8. The future of the Catholic Church and society as a whole is rooted within each student.
  9. God has entrusted to the Catholic School with the care of each and every student.
  10. A supportive, safe and caring yet disciplined environment is imperative for each child to academically succeed.
  11. The family is the primary educator of children with the spiritual and academic reinforcement coming through the Catholic School.

311 Lawrence Ave
Ellwood City, PA 16117
Phone: (724) 758-5591
Fax: (724) 758-0705
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