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181 Suydam St.
Brooklyn, NY 11221
Phone: (718) 386-9277
Fax: (718) 386-9064
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School Information

Our History


In 1919, Monsignor Ottavio Silvestri founding father of St. Joseph's Parish purchased the site where our church and school now stand.  Construction began in the middle of 1920, and by September 1921, even though only some of the rooms were completed, the first students were welcomed into the building.  Thus began the work of our school in educating the children of many Italian immigrant families.
After facing the hardships of the war and depression years, our school began a period of growth and prosperity.  Enrollment in September 1950, was 900 students.  Sadly, despite the best efforts of the faculty and parish, children had to be turned away. 
During the 1960's the growth continued.  The 1970's presented challenges.  The oil crisis, stagflation and other economic woes coupled with changing the demographics of Brooklyn again were some of those challenges.  Unemployment caused a decline in enrollment.  The movement away by the many Italian families from the area exacerbated the decline in enrollment.  The school had to consolidated with St. Leonard's and St. Barbara's in 1975.  St. Frances Cabrini was the new name in honor of that saint who had worked so tirelessly to assuage the needs of immigrants.
Around this same time many new families from the Spanish speaking Caribbean and South America began moving into the area.  Our school again rose to the challenge.  Fighting through the period of urban decay and declining enrollment to the current time of revival, the school is once again doing its part to help the children of immigrant families.
Enrollment has been steadily increasing under the careful guidance of Principal, Maria Crifasi.  Today, with an enrollment of 265 children we are looking towards the future and planning for continued service.

Our Staff

St. Frances Cabrini has a dedicated and experienced cadre of professionals working for the development of our children. 

Mrs. Arizmandi
School Secretary
Mr. Ficco
Gym Teacher

Mrs. Banes

Ms. Forgione


First Grade
Ms. Carvajal
Second Grade
Ms. Alestra
Third Grade
Miss Cruz
Fourth Grade
Ms. Koroma
Fifth Grade
Mrs. Ramsaroop
Sixth Grade
Mr. Gely
Seventh Grade
Ms. Benitez
Eighth Grade
Mrs. Allison Murphy

Red Spinning Apple


Red Spinning Apple

Fr. Sergio

Registration and Reregistration takes place between February and June

When You Come Please Bring
Birth Certificate
Baptism Certificate (if applicable)
Immunization Records
First Communion Certificate (if applicable)
Confirmation Certificate (if applicable)
Copy of Last Report Card (if applicable)
$375 Non-Refundable Registration Fee (Pre-K and Kdg)
$375 Non-Refundable Registration Fee (Grades 1-7)

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