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385 Avenue W
Brooklyn, NY 11223
Phone: (718) 375-2081
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The administrative staff consists of a dedicated Principal and two devoted, helpful and efficient secretaries. The faculty consists of 14 broadly trained professional educators who each meet the Diocesan and New York State requirements and possess specific qualifications for their position. In addition, there are three aides, who assist in the early childhood program classrooms.

The faculty believes education consists of developing intelligence, acquiring knowledge and forming character. Their goal is to create an environment that allows students to feel important, valued and successful. The faculty infuses every lesson across the curriculum with Christian values.

The faculty meets formally and informally through weekly and monthly meetings, professional development days and diocesan workshops. The faculty continues to broaden their own education to fulfill the high standards necessary to maintain their professional development. The faculty creates a Christian atmosphere with participation in liturgical events and spiritual events within the school and parish.

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