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2612 E Monmouth St
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Phone: (215) 426-7325
Fax: (215) 426-0753
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Mother of Divine Grace School is a Catholic elementary school located in the Port Richmond section of Philadelphia. We pride ourselves in providing small classes that are conducive to individualized attention conducted in a safe environment for our children.

The importance of family centered education is paramount to our educational philosophy, and that philosophy is enlivened by our school family's presence as part of our Worshiping Community. We realize that parents and guardians play a major role in the development and success of their children. They also play an integral role in the success of our school. All parents are encouraged to get involved in as many ways as possible to enhance the quality of the educational experiences for our children.

Our school is an integral part of the parish. Its purpose is to teach Christ's message of salvation to our children. Instruction is accomplished through creation of a religion and academic environment which nurtures a realistic view of religious worship and service in our community.

We have one of each grade ranging from Pre Kindergarten through Eighth. Enrollment has remained strong. Enrollment in our Pre Kindergarten classroom is limited to 20 students. Enrollment in Grades Kindergarten through Eighth is limited to 30 students. We believe the quality of educational programs as well as our long tenured caring staff to be the reasons of our success.

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