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Our Principal

 Just as Mary, our Blessed Mother relied so heavily upon faith in God’s will in forming the Holy Family, we of Mother of Divine Grace Regional Catholic School rely upon the faith of our families, students, and staff members in forming the entire person of each student. This faith-filled cooperation between parents, teachers, and children is crucial in maintaining our successful track record in academic excellence and in producing well-rounded students who go on to succeed in high school and college and eventually make a positive impact on society. Mother of Divine Grace Catholic School fosters an education that prepares intelligent young people to develop a firm understanding of Church teachings and an enduring participation in the sacramental life of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Mother of Divine Grace’s recipe for academic success is a mixture of devoted, qualified educators who earnestly believe in their vocation as Catholic school teachers blended with a strong, standards-based curriculum further enhanced by an exemplary fine arts program consisting of music, art, and band. Our self-motivated staff continually seeks professional development opportunities and works diligently to stay current with pedagogical practices and procedures.

We thank you for choosing Mother of Divine Grace Catholic School and we welcome you to a year that holds many promising innovations in your child’s life. Please remember, the Mother of Divine Grace Catholic School community relies on the parents to provide the primary education, especially to teach our students how to be responsible family members. We pray that you look to Mary, our Blessed Mother as an example of faith, hope, and love. God Bless, God Keep.

Mrs. Jane White Lockhart


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