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11 Catherine Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
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 Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy will be closed on Monday, January 25th.
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 We, the community of Queen of the Rosary Catholic Academy, believe we are a unique family of responsible, interacting members called to minister and witness to the children entrusted to our care. Our small school community, enriched by multi-ethnic, cultural and economic backgrounds, fosters a true family spirit where we are able to support one another; it creates an atmosphere of understanding and appreciation for one another which is then carried out to the community at large.        

     Through the sacrifice, dedication and availability of the faculty to the students and parents, the children are seen as important and unique persons. We strive to instill a positive self-concept and sense of achievement in our students. By continually upgrading the faculty's religious training through workshops and sharing of ideas we strive to promote Christian values and respect for others which are central to our aim of providing a meaningful experience of faith. Through individual and formal prayers, para-liturgical and liturgical services, a foundation for personal relationships with our God is established

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