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2617 Waterloo Rd
Mogadore, OH 44260
Phone: (330) 628-9555
Fax: (330) 628-2709
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St. Joseph School Mission Statement: (Approved June 29, 2015)

St. Joseph School, Randolph, which began in 1832, provides a tradition of family-oriented, Christian-centered, innovative education for students of pre-school through eighth grade.  Skilled and credentialed teachers generate a love for learning in a disciplined environment and form students of character and integrity.  The families are essential partners with the school in guiding their children, today and tomorrow, towards successful and meaningful lives.

St. Joseph School Belief Statement: (Approved June 29, 2015)

We, the faculty and staff of St. Joseph School believe:

 … everyone can learn.
  … the passion to educate comes, in part, in teaching our specialties.
  … in collaborating with families in the education of children.
  … students are educated for discipleship.
  … we strive for excellence in Catholic, traditional, and contemporary

  … students live their faith through positive interaction with role models
       and their buddies.

  … best practices deliver the basis of all innovative teaching and learning.
  … we have a safe learning environment that is under continuous

  … we preach the Gospel, and sometime we use words. (St. Francis of

Full Accreditation by the State of Ohio 

St. Joseph School received Full Re-accreditation through the Ohio Catholic School Accrediting Association (OCSAA): 2015-2021, on June 29, 2015. Congratulations, St. Joseph School!


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